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Hand over the management of your Facebook and Instagram ads so you can focus on the parts of your business that you love. In the meantime, I will focus on what I love – getting GREAT results for your Facebook and Instagram ads.

Here’s all the good stuff included in my Done For You monthly package…


I create an initial ads strategy specific to your business, your offer, and your audience. Ongoing strategy is included to keep your ads performing well, hitting your goals, and adapting to changes in your business and in Facebook Ads.


All the different essential pieces to running profitable ads will be set up and connected, including IOS setup, pixel setup, and conversion tracking on and off Facebook.


Copy and visuals will be created in a way that will resonate with and draw in YOUR ideal audience. Perfecting these details is essential to the success of your ads.


Knowing your audience is CRUCIAL to ad success, and reaching that audience can be a challenge. I will conduct extensive audience research based on your customer avatars and build various audiences to test with your ads.


Getting long-term success with your ads is down to ongoing monitoring and testing. I will routinely create new versions of your creatives and audiences to keep those ads performing at the top of their game.


Regular communication will keep you updated on your ad performance and any edits made to optimize their delivery. You’ll also get a weekly update and monthly report, including specific recommendations for next steps and opportunities to scale.

Ready to grow your business with Facebook and Instagram Ads?

Corin Goodman

Ready to grow your business with Facebook and Instagram Ads?