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Why your Facebook Ads CTR is Important And How To Improve It

What is CTR?

In your Meta ad account, the click-through rate (CTR) is worked out by dividing the total number of clicks by the total number of impressions. In simple terms, it tells us the percentage of people that clicked on your ad when they saw it.

Why is CTR important?

CTR is a great metric to look at to get an idea of how well your ad is resonating with the audience. Plus, a higher click rate means more volume of traffic to your website or funnel and, therefore a higher number of results.

There are two types of click-through rate results:

🔵 CTR (link click-through rate) = calculates clicks on the url link in your ad
🔵 CTR (all) calculates clicks anywhere on the ad

So how do you know if your CTR is lower than ideal?

Your target CTR results will depend on your industry and the types of ads you are running. But as a general rule, I recommend aiming for:

CTR (link) – 1% or higher
CTR (all) – 2% or higher

If your ads are showing a low CTR, it means that they are not doing enough to attract and interest your audience, and it’s time to try something different.

3 things to change in your ads to improve your CTR

There are three key elements that could be affecting your CTR:

1️⃣ Creative (the image or video in your ad)
2️⃣ Copy (the primary text and/or headline)
3️⃣ The audience targeting

Try changing one of these elements at a time (in the order above) and see how it affects the CTR results.

🌟 Make sure to only change one element at one time (if you change everything at once, you won’t know which one fixed the problem).

🌟 Be patient – let your ads build up 5,000 impressions before making any decisions on the CTR.

Tips for changing up your ad creatives

Try a different way to grab the attention of your audience in the creative – use something bright and standout, or a shocking stat, or a visual that would be specific to your target audience
✅ Try putting the hook on the ad image
✅ If you’re using an image, try a video instead
✅ If you’re using video, include your hook in the first sentence
✅ Check the ad preview of all the different ad placements and make sure your image or video isn’t being incorrectly cropped

Tips for changing up your copy

✅ Try a different hook
Try a different copy length
Try a new headline
✅ If you’re not already, speak to your audience’s most common pain points
✅ I
f you’re not already, address common doubts and barriers your audience have about your service

Tips for changing your audience

✅ Do some fresh audience research to find new interests to target
✅ Try including more (or less) interests in your audience targeting
✅ Try a different-sized audience by adding or removing layers in the audience targeting
✅ If you’re using interests, try instead using lookalikes (and visa-versa)

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