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How Audience Temperature Could Fix Your Facebook Ads

🌑 What temperature are your audience?

That might sound like a strange question.

But the temperature of your audience can determine how you speak to them in your ads and how you target them.Β 

I’m talking about the different sections of your audience that are cold, warm, and hot.

Still not following? Let me explain…

❄️ Your cold audience are people who are brand new to you. They haven’t yet discovered your amazing offers and services. (This is about to change thanks to your ads!)

*This is the audience to target when you want to attract new people to your business.

β˜€οΈ Your warm audience are those who already know about you. They have already engaged with you in some way. They may have opted in for something and now sit on your email list. Or follow you on social media. Or have recently visited your website.Β 

*This audience are ready to be nurtured by you and are closer to being ready to buy from you.

πŸ”₯ Your hot audience are those who already know about you and are extra interested in what you do. Maybe they have purchased one of your intro or lower-priced offers. Or have attended one of your webinars or workshop.

*This audience loves you, and they are primed and ready to buy. They just need you to invite them!

So which audience should you target with your ads

🌟 All of them! 🌟

But in different ways and with different strategies.

The three audience types sit at different parts of your funnel.Β 

πŸ‘‰ Top of your funnel: cold audience
πŸ‘‰ Middle of your funnel: warm audience
πŸ‘‰ Bottom of your funnel: hot audience

So the way you speak to these different audience groups should match where they are in their journey with you, with the aim of helping them to move along to the next step.

Here are a few tips for creating ads tailored to each audience type:

Cold Audience Ads
βœ… Don’t promote your high-priced offers (they need warming up first!)
βœ… Show that you deeply understand their pain points
βœ… Share a bit about who you are and how you can help them

Warm Audience
βœ… Promote your higher-priced offers
β€‹β€‹βœ… Share value content to position yourself as the expert and build trust
βœ… Share testimonials

Hot Audience
βœ… They know you, they like you. Just keep reminding them of their pain points, and how you can help them get the transformation they want.
βœ… Talk about how your offer is different to others.
βœ… Share more testimonials.


Don’t combine your cold and warm/hot audiences together. Split them out and deliver them each ads that are tailored to where they are in their journey with you. This will help you to see great results with your ads! πŸ™Œ

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