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What is Campaign Objective and Why is it So Important

Want to know the first thing I check when auditing a Facebook Ads account that isn’t getting results?

The campaign objective.

Because a change to the campaign objective can sometimes be the difference between ads flopping and flying. 

What is campaign objective, and why is it so important?

This is the first setting you come across when creating a new campaign in Ads Manager, and you can’t start creating until you have selected the campaign objective.

The options to select from are:

Awarenessgood for raising awareness of you and your offers
Trafficgood for driving traffic to your website or funnel
Engagement – good for likes, comments, shares, video views
Leads  – good for sign ups, booked calls, subscribers
App Promotion – for app store apps
Sales good for purchases, messages, calls 

Campaign objectives

The campaign objective that you select tells Facebook (Meta) what your goal is for the ads, and it will go and find people who are most likely to take that action you are aiming for.

This is a time when the algorithm is on our side!

For example, if you select ‘Traffic’, Meta will deliver your ads to people who are most likely to click the link in your ad and visit your landing page – but not necessarily those with the highest intent to convert.

If you select ‘Engagement’, Meta will deliver your ads to people who are most likely to engage in your ad (but not necessarily take an action).

If you select ‘Sales’, Meta will deliver your ads to people who are most likely to follow through and purchase.

The campaign objective you select could determine the types of people that take action on your ad and, therefore, the results you get.

All of the different campaign objectives serve a purpose at different parts of a strategy, or for different types of businesses. 

But the important thing to take from this is that if you want new subscribers or booked calls and you are not running a Leads campaign – your results will be impacted.

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