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How To Stand Out In Your Niche

How often do you share what you REALLY think with your audience?

I’m sure you have opinions about your niche, about the work you do, about external factors connected with that, and about perceptions or misconceptions related to the work you do.

Those opinions may be things most people in your niche don’t like to speak about. 

But if you have those opinions, I guarantee your ideal clients have them too – or would be really open to hearing them and possibly even really grateful for your take on it.

Those kinds of opinions can be scary to share, I get it. It means being honest, showing a bit more of yourself, and it may even require some vulnerability.

Maybe you’re worried some people will disagree, challenge you, or even unfollow/unsubscribe.

Here’s why that ISN’T such a bad thing…

By being honest and sharing YOUR take on things, it will resonate so much more with those that are perfect for working with you.

And those that don’t like it? Well, they weren’t the right people for you anyway.

Confession time: This is something I am working on myself too. So I really do get it – it’s scary to be honest and real. 

But when my Facebook Ads clients get more authentic with their messaging and share their unique position on things, they ALWAYS see much better results.

So I challenge you to share more with your audience of what you really think and feel and how that relates to the ways that you can help them.

Got questions? Reach out on Instagram or Facebook, and I’ll be happy to chat.

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