Facebook & Instagram Ads for Coaches and Service Providers

5 Ways to Learn More About Your Target Audience

To see results from your Facebook & Instagram ads, you need to  resonate with your audience.

By that, I mean when they read your ad copy, they are nodding enthusiastically or feel like you can read their mind.

So how can you do that?

You need to deeply understand the pain points and needs of your audience – from THEIR perspective.

But also. . . you need to be able to speak about those pain points and needs in the same language they do. Using those familiar words and phrases will help them to feel deeply understood by you.

And if they feel that you understand them deeply, they are more likely to believe that YOU are the person to help them.

Learning these deep motives of your audience is tricky.

So here are some ideas for where you can learn more about your audience and research the language they are using.

1. Comments in Facebook Groups

Look in the comments and threads of Facebook groups that your ideal audience are in. See what they are talking about, what are their big struggles and pay attention to the language they use when talking about it.

2. Book reviews

Check out reader reviews of some top books in your niche, particularly books that are related to how you help people. (Amazon is a great place for this). Look out for common pain points and common words and phrases.

3. Client testimonials

Take a look back over your client testimonials. See how people speak about their pain points and their transformation with you. Look again for any common words and phrases.

4. Survey

Send a short survey to your audience asking open questions, and then dig into their responses. You could send this to your email list and/or current clients. Or ask a question on social media (Instagram stories “ask a question” feature would work great for this).

5. Social Media

Check back over comments and DMs on your social media – and also comments on posts by others in your niche. Keep your eyes out for common language around their pain points and needs.

Once you have gathered all of this GOLD on your audience, use it in your ad messaging to help resonate with them when you show up in their feed.

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