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3 Types of Content You Can Repurpose For Ads

If you’re just starting out with Facebook & Instagram ads, you may be thinking that you have to create this huge mountain of content for your ads. That you need to write lots of copy, create loads of images, and record a bunch of videos.

All that copy to write. . .

All those images to create. . .

And probably some videos because apparently, that’s the only thing that works on social media these days, right?!

Feeling overwhelmed?! I’m not surprised.

My dramatic announcement of the week? You don’t need a bunch of new content to start running ads! Dum dum dumm!

I would put money on the fact that you already have some content that would be great for using with ads.

Here are 3 examples of content you probably already have that you could use in your ads.

1. Social Media posts

Do you post on Facebook and Instagram? Then you have perfect content to use in your ads. Choose some of your top performers and use them to reach and connect with more of your audience. (But don’t boost them, use them as ‘proper’ ads in the Ads Manager)

2. Article / Blog

Ever written an article or a blog? Pull out the key points and turn it into a short video, or a static ad.

3. Review or Testimonial

Has anyone left you a review or a testimonial? This is PERFECT ad content for your warm audience (people who have already been introduced to you). Turn it into a simple image to show how great it is to work with you.

Which of these do you have that you could repurpose into an ad?

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