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How To Run Successful Ads Without Using a Funnel

How do you feel when you hear the words ‘marketing funnel’?

Does it make you shudder?

Do you know you need one but haven’t got one set up yet?

Maybe you love funnels, and yours is working great! (Yay!)

Or are you wondering wtf a funnel even is?

If you’re not a funnel fan, do not worry. I have good news for you today. . . (keep reading!).

Funnels are a proven and super-effective method of bringing new people into your business and turning them into clients and customers.

BUT. . . they can take a ton of work to get set up and working well.

Which is why I’m sharing with you today, 3 ad strategies that you can run (and get great results) with NO funnel needed!

Ad Strategies That Don’t Need a Funnel

1. Audience Building

Use ads to share your best content and attract your ideal audience on Facebook & Instagram to engage with that content.

This will build an audience right there on the platform that you can retarget, will increase your follower count on Facebook and/or Instagram, and shares the value of you and your business with your ideal people!

2. List Building using Meta Instant Forms

You don’t have to send people to a separate opt-in page from your ads to grow your email list! Instead, use Facebook Instant Forms. This form pops up when they click on your ad and allows your audience to opt into your freebie right there on Facebook.

3. Instant Experience Ads

Instant Experience format is like creating a mini web page right there on your ad. Your audience never has to leave Facebook or Instagram, but you can give them a full-screen, fully immersive experience with you and your business right there on the mini web page! This could be great for sharing a video or webinar, showcasing what you do, or promoting a specific offer.

These ad strategies are a great way to grow your audience (and your business!) without having to create a complicated funnel.

Got questions? Reach out on Instagram or Facebook, and I’ll be happy to chat.

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