Facebook & Instagram Ads for Coaches and Service Providers

Facebook ad hooks to attract your ideal audience

We all know how easy it is to get carried away scrolling for several minutes (hours?) on our social media apps. 

So we also know that our ads have to quickly attract the attention of our ideal audience in order to get them to stop that scroll.|

How do we do that?

With effective hooks.

One of the pillars of advertising is a strong hook. . . the thing that ‘hooks’ your audience and has them interested and curious to learn more.

In Facebook & Instagram Ads, there are three places you can use your hook.

👉 The image or video
👉 The body copy (primary text)
👉 The headline

But how do we come up with an effective hook that will attract our ideal audience?

1️⃣  Pain Points

Speak to a common pain point among your audience that you can help them with.

2️⃣  Desire​

What is it that your audience REALLY wants that you are able to offer them? Think about an ‘outcome’ desire – what will they get on the other side of working with you?

3️⃣  Feelings

How does your audience feel right now? And how could they feel on the other side of working with you? Talk about those feelings to help your audience connect.

4️⃣  Shock

Grab attention with a shocking statistic, a surprising statement, or a quote that creates curiosity.

Are you using any of these hooks right now with your ads? Which one is working best for you? Or which one will you try? Let me know in the comments.

All of my packages include an audience session where we do a deep dive into your target audience and come up with hooks that will attract your ideal clients.  Learn more about my packages here or BOOK A CALL to find out how I can help.

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