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Do you spend more time than you should mindlessly scrolling the socials? I’m not the only one…right?! The thumb seems to just keep going, even as my eyes glaze over.

But then wait. Something in the news feed grabs my attention. My thumb stops, I get (even) closer to my screen, and I read more. That attention-grabbing, scroll-stopping content is what we need to include in our ads. 

Big Changes to How We Attract Our Audience

Facebook made some *big* changes to the audience targeting feature this year and it changed the whole game for Facebook & Instagram ads! (Again!). 

In fact, if you have been running your own ads, you may have seen a sudden drop in performance. [Side note – the good news is you just need to make a couple of shifts to see great results again!].

So what does this audience targeting change mean? Basically – we can no longer rely on super-detailed targeting to get ads in front of our ideal clients and customers.  The good news is that our messaging can do the job instead.

The messaging (or ad copy) has become a *crucial* piece of the ad make-up and often THE piece that is the difference between somebody clicking or scrolling past. Many of my clients have seen huge improvements in their ad performance after we have worked on their messaging.

Here are my tips to get started with creating messaging that converts.

Here's How To Create Ad Copy That Converts

1. The Hook

Your messaging needs to hook people in straight away in that first sentence. You could do this by naming their biggest paint point:

“Fed up of sleepless nights that leave you with brain fog all day?”

Or by calling them out directly:

“Calling all sleep-deprived new parents.”

2. Resonate and Connect

Once you have hooked your audience, go on to agitate their pain point. Talk about how it affects them, how it makes them feel. This will resonate and they will feel like you truly understand their problem. Which leads to them believing you have the solution.

3. The Solution

Explain how your offer or product is the solution to their problem and paint a picture of what they will feel or have when you have solved it for them.

4. Call to Action

End with a strong call to action. Tell them what to do next with a reminder of why they should do it.

“Get my free guide now for your first step to a full night of sleep!”

So I encourage you to review your ad messaging and test out some of these tips!

Got questions? Reach out on Instagram or Facebook, and I’ll be happy to chat.

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